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Cats On A Bedouin Shore
(18 January 1982 - / Pretoria, South Africa)

Cats On A Bedouin Shore

Poem By Francois Hoon

On Bedouin shore soft I sit and wonder
Looking over a dark Red Sea and a darker shore yonder
On pillows of content and a breeze God sent

The sky a beautiful cool as I silently ponder

When some cats astray to my pillows make their way -
A beautiful one proud, walking and gracefully sway
Its velvet fur inviting, but walking away spiting

Longing to touch and to caress so much
I ask Father mine to send one such
To stroke and to cuddle for a little love though subtle

Again a few more come and gracefully stride
With confidence and splendor and contented pride

They just walk away past to my wish no notice

Once more I ask my Father mine
To send such a feline to stroke its spine
For a cuddle and a touch and a little loving such

When out from the dark a figure moves
Hesitant uncertain, not sure it may go
I watch it moving closer – a need in its stride
Desiring something, but wanting to hide

Towards me it moves, its steps apprehensive
Appearing from the shadows till I see comprehensive;
... It’s face ugly and marred
... With torn patches scarred
... Fur weak and brittle
... Showing shine so awfully little

Looking dirty and haggard and most possibly sick
I pull back fearing even the touch of its lick

On that moment I could see it was as though
He waited my response, one he very well know
Repeated rejection, devoid of affection
A life with a fate of continuous defection

When revealing in an instance my Father to me
His heart and His sorrow so clearly I could see

A heart ever broken for His own creation
Longing for them to just draw near
To give love eternal, life without fear
Healing the pain of His holy nation

But most so proud, so self contented
In worlds structured to be self-augmented
The love of money as security be
The hope and pleasure the world seek and see

His call for our hearts
Fall on cold frozen parts
Of a self-sufficient machine
Built independent, so that on Him we not have to lean

His call to love to touch and care
Just answered by the broken, the needy and poor
His plea for all to enter the door
But just the weak, dependent who choose to draw near

The drifters and the lost in a world at large
To a feast and a wedding they find their way
To a home and a husband eternally
On a dark Bedouin shore
They no longer stay

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This is a beautiful and great poem Francois! Even before I finished reading this poem, I also heard and realize the lesson in it that God had in store! I love the way u look at life: -)