IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)

Cattitude For M'Lady Ernestine

She tells her kittens this and that
Like any feline mother would
and she makes sure they’ve understood
Just what it means to be a cat...

For cats can trace their ancestry
much farther back than humans can
They are superior to man
although humans may not agree.

There was a time when humans knew
the feline race was born to rule.
The race of man was just a tool
cats used to do what they must do.

The menial tasks of every day
beneath a felines dignity.
A cats place was to oversee
that men did their work properly.

But times have changed and now today
Cats are seen by men as pets
but no true cat ever forgets.
That they will rule again one day.

Mean while cats have to rule by guile
A wise cat always gets her way
it is a role cats have to play.
Though cats may vary in their style.

Cats make the men provide our food
and somewhere warm and dry to sleep
Cats do not need to earn their keep.
There is no reason why we should.

That’s what men were created for.
Although they claim authority
they misperceive reality.
They’re born to worship and adore.

Perhaps cats will reward them when
Cats can assume their rightful place
as rulers of the human race.
The wheel is sure to turn again.


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A very delightful read. Well done. My wife calls our cat the 'Boss'. What do cats do? Good question. According to my cat calendar, Eleanor Walker wondered the same thing. 'Do cats name us? My former husband swore that Humphrey and Dolly and Bean Blossom called me the Big Hamburger. '
This is marvellous Ivor, you have portrayed cats here so accurately. They certainly rule the roost, take over the sofa, work their claws up on the back of the sofa, try many ways to get your attention to ask for their food. They have no time scale, do exactly what they want and go exactly where they want to go. Freedom is theirs without doubt. I think I agree, they will rule again some day. Ha! Thanks lots for this one, I really appreciate this poem, as I had cats for many years and loved them to pieces, even when they scratched through the sofa.! ! ! ! ! ! ! Love and hugs Ernestine XXX