Cattle Feed, Called Hay

While we were looking for adventure, I found it on the
ranch. Where our time was spent, building fence.
The operator of the equipment, couldn't miss. As he
worked the small back hoe, he dug the holes for
the posts. Because were doing precision work,
that had to give us a chance, to protect the elements!
For the livestock, who had to be fed! The hay was stacked tall, all in a roll. So we could
squeeze in the next load. From the field where the
hay lay, compacted in bales. So the cattle could be
fed and bred. During the winter, so they can produce,
some offspring. Then the herd will grow, to be strong
before the next storm! So we continued on, putting the cedar posts in the
ground. Even though it took a while, they were all
in line and standing tall! Then the protective poles
and wire can be put in place.
to keep the deer and other critters from eating the
cattle's feed, called hay! The operator is screaming, while he works the equipment.
Saying to himself, you're so fine, hope to make you mine!
In due time, while I wait for the sun to shine. For the
hard work was tremendous and almost killed us. So we had
quit, before it destroyed our body. Because we were
sweating from the sun, which was working against us!
And we were tired of eating dust!

by Marvin Gene Richens

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