Poem By Chaotic Life aka Curly Mer

Got me sitting here
staring at the phone
waiting for that phone call
or the text that will make my day
I got lots of guts to wait on someone like you
hoping something good would come out of us
When you and I both know
that probability is diminishing as the clock ticks

You obviously moved on
but I'm still caught on the feeling we used to share
still remembering the talks that deepened my interest in you
& the way you called me beautiful that night
and softly held my hands to dance..
I'm remembering the numerous times you had your muscular chest revealed
inviting me to lay on it and listen to your heartbeat
those sexy times when you smile at me while looking into my eyes
with that twinkling eyes of yours gleaming the room...

Oh, how I missed you
even before you were gone..
I thought moving on would be easy
especially since I know you have another girl to wrap around your arms
What can I do to let go of what wasn't meant to be?
To let go of the first romance I ever experienced?
To let go of you, the one who gave me the best birthday ever, the evening to remember and the sweet tears when you told me I was special to you? ..

Tell me,
after all that
why was it so easy for you to move on
while I'm still caught on the feelings?

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