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Caught In A Dream

Towards fates destiny we remain clutched in her grip
Mother nature, and the gods cannot deny and must admit
That this illfated spell that outcasts over me and you........
No matter how strong evil outlasts we will always triumph through
One lifetime to the next, from the beginning to the end
We will find eachother again and our souls will reconnect
Mated for life, we are bound from heaven above
To journey through life, forever in love
Bonded, intertwined, through all boundries in time
One heart unwoven and split into two
One half in me and the other in you
With all dreams combined, and our worlds collided
Through all tests of time we will never be divided

We meet in dreams where our world is hidden
Away from real life, where our love is forbidden
Surrendering hearts, gazing into each other's eyes
Such a captivating force, our emotions rise
Such deep azure blue eyes they magnetically pull me in
They are a intense attraction of beauty and sin

Generating feelings of exquisite rapture
In passions fury, such intensity is captured
Losing my breath as I try to breathe
Two souls ignited out of undying need
I hear you speak but you don't say a word
Our emotions take over with what is about to occur
A created mystical world that is ours alone
Our love will go on into the great unknown

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must say that this is a wonderful thing to ready. It is truly inspiring. Great Job!
You sure know your destiny You are a person that loves Mother Nature She has more power than you I am sure that you dont want to mess up with mother nature You are full of emotions You not afraid to speak up You are like a volcano ready to explode