FW ( / Albany, Ny)

Caught In The Currents

Blown around by the efforts to stop time,
caught in the currents that make up each moment
I never asked for anything more,
but at this point I'm in too far
Running on empty, and there's 5,000 miles left
How much longer can we go?
I'll do anything to get closer to my final destination,
ignore all road signs if I must,
just for that boost of confidence

Don't let it get the best of you
It's all in the flick of a wrist
and the carrying of hips

Grudgeholder, get a grip
Fight your way out of the storm
Leave home with a small warning label
and keep in mind, we all want what we don't have
It's a primary emotion found in all of us
So grudgeholder, close your lips
Know your time will come,
but for now force a smile
and forget all the rest.

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