Caught In The Rain

My dream was finally becoming a reality
Without having to plan it.
The perfect opportunity was present.
I looked up and opened my arms.

by Jeanette Telusma Click to read full poem

Comments (37)

Fantastic poem dear poetess... awesome diction.... Thanks...........
Amazing lyrics filled with heartfelt emotions. Brilliantly penned, Jeanette. Thanks for sharing.
Brilliant artwork... it's filled with great pictures and it's very imaginative....10++
She walks in the rains, to wash her stresses and the strains, to kill her pains, and here she comes back without the stains! A beautiful poem on walking in the rains. For me it's poem of the day.
Hi Jeanette, Excellent poem filled with emotion. I felt the rain comfortably splashing on me. I felt the freedom and I felt the softness of Gods eyes looking down as I felt every raindrop. A well deserved 10+++
Ever Such Beautiful Flow! ! ! ! ! Ever Such Beautiful Feel! ! ! ! ! Ever Such Beautiful Spirit Here! ! ! ! ! Thank You Again Ever So Much For Sharing This! ! ! ! ! Endless! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! +++++
Great poem incorporating an invigorating experience where a dream of a caged eagle to soar high up in the sky has come when it 'rained as if there was no tomorrow'. Thanks for sharing a masterpiece and Congrats for its selection as Poem Of The Day. A needed refresher to my soul. This was my moment to smell the roses. This was a personal moment between me and God. Breaking through what holds the mind takes courage.
Every thing must be washed and refreshed maybe, and the rain is the God's Mercy to wash, refresh and give a new life to the nature, Congratulations for being chosen as poem of the day. +++++10
Beautiful. As adult we have forgotten to be in rain and feel it’s joy. Never the less when it happens nothing makes us happier than being soaked in by rain. Congratulations for a lovely poem.
There is courage and there is promise in mind. Perfect opportunity has come and dream has turned into reality. Experience of raining is beautifully presented in this tender and excellent poem. This is nice to see your poem as the poem of the day. Congratulations! ....10
Lovely poem about Rain.. Congratulations Jeanette
We don't have feelings like this often. So simply wonderful when we do. Beautiful to read.
this is a reminder of the great childhood memories
I’m reminded of the joy of drenching in the rain! Many congratulations, Jeanette. Well deserved!
Jeanette, congratulations on your poem of the day.. James McLain
Thanks again for the song of rain that sings of your reunion with the beloved God of your heart. Congrats for this poem being picked as member's POD. Subhas
Love the rain, a nice work 10
Nice and Passionate Poem about Rain.. for it is a Joy and vital for life on Earth and for Nature.. Beautifully written! ! thank you for sharing this Poet! !
Rain is always soothing and walking in rain gives enormous joy refreshing the mind. A nice poem with smooth flow. Thanks for sharing. Congrats on being chosen as Poem of the day.
I was totally captivated by your poem! If it's possible to catch thankfulness, courage and exhuberance from words then this has certainly happened with your lovely description, honesty and clarity of vision. A well deserved nomination and a 10+! ! Lodigiana