'Cause You My Girl

I ain’t one of those hoochies that
will sleep with your man and
hang out with you at the club.

I gotcha back, when you in a bind
you need a sitter, Auntie is here,
I don’t mind.

Lean on me when you can’t stand,
Use my shoulder when you need to
cry about that insensitive man.

No player hatin’ here when we step out.
Just double trouble on the scene,
without a doubt!

You can trust me to give you the straight skinny
and if you need it I’ll give you my last penny.

The clothes off my back I give you
if yours are ratty,
Bend my ear all night long
about your baby’s daddy.

I’m feelin’ you when you talk about the
concerns for your shorties and
their place in this world.

I’m just keepin’ it real and puttin’ it out there
‘Cause you my girl!

by Cassandra Boyd

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