Causes And Affects

Not into that community madness thing.
You know...
The kind that unifies with speeches for peace,
Two hours after a fresh drive by?
Complete with domestic violence,
And silent prayer vigils.
With tear stained faces...
To mask the commonplace,
Disrespect and self neglect!

Those re-inactments,
Squeezes from me...
Every last dropp of joy I have.
For a round of aging sentiments?
Complete with Bible thumpers...
Singing hymns with scriptures preached.
And these same folks can't speak to me,
When they pass me on the streets?

Someone's not receiving the message,
And what can and should be done!
To 'overcome'!
But guess whose steps moves away from this mess!
Divorced and totally agitation free?
Appealing to my peace of mind...
I find belongs to me these days!

Can you see in my eyes the absence of 'craze'?
I wish I could share with you more of it.
But it took too long to arrive.
And I value that...
Much more than recycled efforts!

Truth in reassessment!
That's my daily affirmation!
And your approach...
Has problems dealing with the causes and affects,
Of a perfected ignorance!
If folks don't wish to know...
Or care about their own growth.
How many marches do you think it will take...
For them to locate an identity that unifies,
An acceptance of self?
Before or after 'Lifting Every Voice in Song'?

It is rumored,
Harriet Tubman only had a flashlight,
To lead folks out of the darkness!
Everyone has a cellphone.
And 'still' can not comprehend,
A text message sent!

And I rush to get a monthly bus pass,
To keep it real and freshly communicated.


And free of surcharges.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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