Causes Have Effects

our destiny is what we make it. not what other people say it is. our causes have effects and we have to deal with the consequences. there's never gonna be a right time or a right way to say goodbye. there's never gonna be the right words or a chance to erase the fights. so we just gotta buckle up and enjoy the ride, because when life's what we make it, we decide. we decide what happens to us, not the other way around. we decide how far up we fly, and how far we sink down. there's never really an ending to the changes that we make, but theres never really a book thats says life is a piece of cake. tomorrow is coming soon, soon enough to be scared. so if today is all we have remember that love is care. be there for whoever needs you, forgive whoever decieved you. and always believe that in the end it all comes down to the truth.

by Desiree Whitamore

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