KC (February 16,1994 / Lexington, NC)

'Causing You Pain? '

Outside is what I show you.
Outside is what you see.
You say: ' What could be so bad
that would cause you to hurt yourself
like this? ! '
You think what you see is bad,
The tiny insignificant little scratches
that bleed,
and make you want to cry.
Tiny insignificant little scratches
that cause pain to you
and joy to me.
Tiny insignificant little scratches
on my wrist,
are nothing compared to what
you'd see if you could see into
my soul.
Inside is secret, inside is mine.
Inside holds the secrets,
that you try to find.
Inside holds the knives.
Shiny little knives protruding from
my heart, my soul.
Each pulsing a gentle crimson flow;
The knives are people,
knives are things,
every word, every face,
digging the knives deeper and
My insides,
all cut up.
All the little knives doing their damage,
one cut at a time.

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