Cautionary Tale For Parents.

There was a four year old girl
Who loved to play
And she always went out
Nearly every day.

One day, she left home,
And into the street,
She sat there and played,
With a ball and her feet.

Alas she knew not,
Of the horror unfolding,
Just up the road,
With some scaffolding.

There was a crash and a bang
And a rolling of wheels,
And the poor little girl,
Got caught her wee heels.

She no longer could walk,
Her feet: amputated
‘Cause they were no use,
Her life: decimated.

I hope that this tale,
Will inform naughty parents,
Who let their kids play
Too far from the pavements.

17: 33 29/03/2006

by Mordrid Harpoon

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