A Memo To A Dear Friend

We choose alternate paths in life
when things go wrong.
Trying to find a solution
but finding none...
We go left instead of right
Instinctively knowing not to go there.
So we follow our heart knowing it would be better not to,
Choosing to live instead of dying inside so slowly it leaves us in a constant state of agony!

We find ourselves entangled in a web of delight,
knowing our actions will cause more pain,
As we continue seeking a moment where the heart beats faster and we feel alive again.
Changing course is in vane.
Why would we NOT pursue an avenue that leaves us breathless?
Wanting more with every moment that passes?
Is it wrong to seek this?
Is it wrong to want to be loved?

Yet often these deceptive paths cloud the problems we ran away from.
More hurt and confused then before.
So where do we go from here,
What are we searching for?
We regret our actions,
Yet cannot help but continue down that road

To follow our heart where it takes us….
Is this not a sign to choose another direction?
Unbearing as it may seem….
Should we not rather change course instead of living life through deception?
Life is short and we only get one chance.
Or should we follow a road that we know will make life fall apart?

Whichever path you choose my friend,
Know I am here for you.
No Matter how trying times seem
Together we will pull through
I hope you find comfort in these words
And call on me when you need comfort….

(I have written a poem to someone who is very dear to my heart. /07/2007)


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