Shanty Of Shaky Handed Jo

There were two gleaming golden caravels
Sailing towards the white pier of Whitenhaven.
The first one came back from far travels,
The second one carried Shaky Handed Jo's men.

Both were shining, both were proud,
Shaky Handed Jo's was the proudest!
Both were shining, both were loud,
Shaky Handed Jo's was the loudest!

Wars had cut Jo's fingers,
That's why Jo shooks his left hand.
Wars had cut Jo's painters,
That's why Jo brooks up all around.

Two gleaming ships in Whitenhaven
Both with Shaky Handed Jo's men.

Worthy friends! Never trust the sailors!
Never meet Jo in the mouth of harbours!

Christian MERLE

by christian MERLE

Comments (4)

This poem depicts to me the dedication of a soldier as they gather together after a battle to prepare themselves for the next regardless of what lies ahead.
What is with this guy and capitalizing every first word? Is the site doing that? It's weird and kinda cheesy. I mean, its not 'a line' its 'a LINE'. well im gonna stop rambling
in the poem 'calvary crossing a ford' it tells of an American troop of soldiers, but to me this poem seems to bring a sense of pride about, because you see the soldiers after a battle, crossing the ford to make their way into the next combat situation and risking their lives to protect those back home, also you hear of the flag waving in the wind as it still stands tall after the battle
This poem is so filled with sensory images, 'Scarlet, and blue, and snowy white, The guidon flags flutter gaily in the wind, ' two full lines just describing a flag.