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Cease To Be
(1926 / Prescott, Arizona)

Cease To Be

I no longer wish to be,
For i see mostly, stupidity,
A world devoid of intellect,
Any care circumspect!

There is no meeting of the mind,
Hardly a brain cell can you find,
in the hollow space where a brain should be,
A small conversation will find it empty!

As i grow older still,
i can no longer find the will,
To be polite as i rage inside,
While intellect the public does deride!

i think it thus has always been,
That those less endowed find it a sin,
That they too are not perceived as smart,
Though suitable only for pushing a cart!

All are of the animal kingdom more or less,
Yet most think different if they would confess,
They think they have a divine origin,
But really all life is kin!

Just let me live in my loneliness as i,
Anticipate the moment in which i die,
With no one do i need to reconcile,
And let no one this moment defile!

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