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Ceiling Leaking In The Dream...

Chinese guy perched on a ladder
attempted to sop up the water
with a sponge
then staunch
the flow with plaster
in an intricate way
I now cannot remember
when without warning
I pulled off my ears
but no blood
no pain
holding them one in each hand
while they wiggled
for a tone
any murmur at all
but only the profound
silence of the tomb
while water
dribbled on an earless head
at Spinoza HS told Peter F
he said Not to worry
the Bird Flu
would cure all my ills
imagined or otherwise
told him
he merely repeated my wisdom
which I had given him
the previous day
and he informed me
my wisdom too
repeated from
Taisen Deshimaru
all problems solved
in the coffin.

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Comments (3)

this is really good. very dreamy. It has so much thought behind it. All the best love becky
Very dreamlike and almost surreal, Charles. Excellent piece. Sound, color, the blend of senses and their ultimate base in illusion: heady themes. Hugh
Charles, as I suggested earlier, you have moved away from the narrative and towards a more visual approach. This comfirms it. Stunning in its flow, the words are acting as colours (Something similar has appened in composed music, it was Varresse, I think who spoke of composing in colours and the contemporary American composer, Micheal Torke, also composes in colours) . Excellent work Charles