Celebrate His Birth!

Like the Angels, it's our time to make MERRY;
Come friends, come foes and board the glorious FERRY;
We'll sing and dance as though intoxicated with PERRY;
And our hearts will never go sick nor WEARY;
For our worries and troubles have been chased with HARRY.

Christmas is here again to fill our homes with BLISS;
Sharing gifts, joy and love with KISS;
A season that comes and makes our struggles CEASE;
Causing the storms and challenges of life to be at EASE;
We shall rejoice and feed on honey like BEES.

Lets all come together to the altar of PRAISE;
For the Lord has come to shower the world with GRACE;
Our hearts will skip in joy at PACE;
With love and grace, our Savior will take His PLACE;
And the love He brought will fill our DAYS...

Merry Christmas! ! !

by Bakare Oluwagbenga Michael

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Wonderful poem on this Christmas..10