Celebrate Love

Love is a celebration
Of another one's company
I love, therefore I live
I live because I love
I hate, therefore I'm dead
I'm dead because I have no love
I cannot enjoy the fullness of life
Not with love
If hate is in my heart
How can I love?
If I hate there is not cause for celebration
There is no one in my life
Should I hate
I still love
Yet no one is in my life
Once she comes to me
Then I can celebrate
Until then
My love I celebrate
As if she is already there

by Keith Williams

Comments (1)

OK! I sense the urgency! A confused infusion of a feeling that could be more realized if that special person was actually there to complete the need and moment. Loving to hate the love that one has can be a mindblower...if you allow it to be an argument within your mind! You want to celebrate it AND thus it is...as if she is already there to share it! Good poem! L