Celebrate our anniversary – can’t you see
tonight the snowy night of our first winter
comes back again in every road and tree -
that winter night of diamantine splendour.

by Anna Akhmatova Click to read full poem

Comments (19)

beautiful writings- There are icebergs on the Marsovo Pole. The Lebyazh’ya’s crazed with crystal art..... Whose soul can compare with my soul, .../// so beautiful poetic expression
This is poetry. Loving, kind and tender. A wonderful poem shared by the talented poet.
A nice poem with a beautiful flow. Loved it. 'And if your voice, a marvellous bird’s, quivers at my shoulder, in the night, and the snow shines with a silver light, warmed by a sudden ray, by your words? '..is such a nice stanza. Thanks for sharing.10++++
Thirst in winter for love has beautifully been put into poetic marvel
A marvelous poem, rich with rhyme, rhythm and enchanting melody. A pleasure to read.
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And if your voice, a marvellous bird’s, quivers at my shoulder, in the night, and the snow shines with a silver light, warmed by a sudden ray, by your words? .....touching expression. Beautiful poem.
Celebrate is a very gorgeous poem
Lovely poem. Can't help wondering why she altered her rhyme pattern in the last stanza. Someone gave Olympic champion pairs figure skater Gordeeva a book of Akhmatova poetry when she was in America, and it made her homesick for Russia!
Recalling and portraying that cold winter wedding night is just outstanding. Looks like an anniversary gift for the occasion. Thanks. I quote: that winter night of diamantine splendour. and where we are heading – I don’t know.
Totally filled line by line word by word with unadulterated beauty. I want to read more by this poet
That's how the first stanza will appear in literal Chinese: do joy each year - no see night snow first winter every road tree night stars sky
That winter night! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
The first stanza inspired me to write the following poem: https: //www.poemhunter.com/poem/celebrate-our-diwali/
Beautiful poetry. The rhythm and flow simply amazing. Enjoyed thoroughly.
She is one of my favorite poets. This particular poem is much more upbeat than much of her other poetry. Very romantic and happy.
Such a brilliant poem by Anna Akhmatova....
Lyrical poem in the landscape of St-Petersburg.
It should be understood by all dear readers I think, that Anna Akhmatova is legendary in the history of world poetry, not only in Russian poetry, although her poetic presence in the Russian language is eminent enough. She stands alone, in classical profile in the history of lyric poetry, particularly, the history of lament. The most personal poetry and at the same time, the most universal. If you want to know how important it is to totalitarian rulers to stifle the pure, lyric voice, find out about the Zdhanov decree and how they called her obscene names just for speaking from her own soul (and ultimately, the soul of Russia, as many Russians would agree) . All this shows that the aim of totalitarianism in any form is to obliterate the soul. Tell me there is not a war between good and evil and that God is not real after you read her life, also, the life of Osip Mandelstam, and I will never believe you. All this is beyond political. It all comes down to the human (your) soul. God be with all living poets on this earth and in the life to come.