Celebration Of Life

Poem By Mihaela Pirjol

Come! Join, and celebrate the Feast of Life!
Let us bathe in turquoise waters, free, as fish are;
Let our bodies swim with the aquatic currents
In saline refreshment, delighting our senses:
—Let us unify, and pulse with the heart-beat of Nature!
Hear the choir of birds chanting harmoniously,
Melodies of Earth on Love's supreme frequency!
Feel! —Feel your spirit joining the Dance of Life!
O! You, child of Mankind: —Wake up to Bliss!
See the Heaven around you, and Within You!
Free the taciturn fire of your blood, and let it burn:
—Burn! —Burn with the Power of Love and ecstasy.
See, the summit of your life upon the mountains' white:
—Straighten your spine! Rise, and feel your wings:
You, mysterious Soul, majestic Bird of Earth:
—Rise! —Rise and in Zenith take your flight!
Dream! —Dream your Reality! Feel its Grandeur!
Feel how the two are merging as twins
Suffused in Energy Divine—Fountain of Eternity!
—Soar! —Soar and see what enchantment Nature is!
Watch the mountains with its cascades and caverns,
Fascinating stalactites and stalagmites,
Fields of green, and forests fresh with Oxygen;
Vales and dales, lawn and lea, meadows and pastures;
Fields of flowers, corn, vine, barley and wheat,
Rain and rainbows, lakes, rivulets and rivers,
Orchards of fruits nourishing with vital succulence;
Luxuriant, bountiful floral gardens and fauna,
Minerals, diamonds and gold—Unbounded Abundance!
Land and Archipelagos—Moon and Constellations—
Child of the Elements: Body of Clay!
Blood of Fire! Spirit of Air! Mind of Water!
—Let us fill our chalices with red wine and mirth,
And feast with Life!

Comments about Celebration Of Life

Beautiful poem...abounding with colourful, vibrant imagery. Well done Mihaela!
Fields of flowers, corn, vine, barley and wheat/Rain and rainbows, lakes, rivulets and rivers/Orchards of fruits nourishing with vital succulence/Luxuriant, bountiful floral gardens and fauna.....I find illustrious poetic beauty of your expression with captivating imagery! My great pleasure revisiting this magnificent poem!
Life is a Celebration.. beautiful poetic expressions.. Thank you
Hear! the choir of birds chanting harmoniously, Melodies of Earth on Love's supreme frequency! lovely poem indeed. dev.
its excellent ODE nicely written the celebration of life

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