PTL (Born in the fall of his 19th year / Comin' home to a place he'd never been before)

Celestial Canyon Echos And Cell Phones

Plainly requesting the viewing of my being
Smokescreen blocking what all needs to be seen
Derelicts deserted by their subterrenean shepherd

Hobos and bums drinking together
Transients and tramps traveling forever
Cowboys and congressmen shaking hands
Larceners steal the unenlightened's land

Hippies no longer hip hail to the hemp
Beatniks archaic in a materialistic microcosm
Reflections beguiled by the transpose of time

Abraham Lincoln, no permanent emancipation
Pete Seeger, glorious dreams falter into oblivion
Martin Luther King, now forgotten message bellowing from his chest
Edward Abbey, radical lover of the once empty west

A stupid generation garners nihility
An un rapid migration towards inabilty
All apathetic to their attainable agility

Runnin' down to a dead man's town
Bound for what's already found
A disaster so immense it's nearly biblical
One can't help but be overly cynical

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