(23 October 1985-? / Tirana, Albania)

Celestial Rumors

Last night the stars
Rumored of his defeat.
They lined a perfect
Smile across the navy
And shined a mocking
Tale of every destiny
He had disowned…

He was given the rights
To happiness—
And yet he had baffled
Even the gods.

What is it that he
Didn’t deserve
That ties his story
To the successions of failure?

And will they mock him?
Will destiny shine its sky
Mirror onto his faded pride
And reflect the face of past

Will his faith fold, slowly
Piece by happy piece
Inside the darkest chapters
Of his world? Will
He release the hope he was promised,
The sandy world he had quickly built
With dreams?

How quiet the night seems.

He refuses to look into the presence of stars
He refuses to recount their promise
They had already deceived him once.

by Masiela Lusha

Comments (2)

Very nice, Masiela. Powerful and sad. Regards, Don
Masiela, nice way of putting it (sandy world) , dreams are so easily swept away. Brian