Yet Another Day

The rain splashed on her face breaking the
silence of her daydreams
Beautiful it looked the trees dancing in
the dusty air
The smell of the wet clay filled her heart
with eternal freshness
And the fragrance of the flowers captured
her restless mind
She is lost in the serene sensational
scenario of the season
The cool breeze chills her to her bones
But the warmth of her love keeps her going
She looks like a sweet angel with her
smile never going dim
She is longing for a glance of her soul
This is all she aspires from the rain
The sudden lightening scares her a bit
But she drenches like a bird happy in a
For there comes the rainbow with sparkling hues of elation
Her yearn takes the shape of reality and
there he stands in front of her
The long harsh days end for a while
And she breathes like she was underwater
for a century
But the precious awaited moment passes
in a blink of the eyes
And she stands there still, quiet in
Large droplets of tears dripping down her
She can't decide whether they are of joy
or sadness
As satisfied or unsatisfied
She got to wait again for this moment to
She is standing there destined to wait for
A lifetime...

by Nishi Kumari

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