Cell Out!

You have a fear of being trapped,
It's a delusion all your own.
There's no reason of misrepresentation,
You're not in a hostile war zone.
Now..If things have changed, but I'm unaware,
Fill me in..I'll try to prepare.
You feel abandoned, I make you safely secure.
With you there's no end to what I'd explore.
I'd give you it all, and then some, you see.
Original works of art, wrapped in linen tapestry.
My end remains level, such as an even keel.
Never in your wildest dreams,
Would it be your heart you thought I'd steal!
I'm quite significant, contrary to what is said.
I know what's felt in your soul,
And what amuses your empty head.
In any case I love you,
You're held as prisoner by no means.
I'll be waiting by the alley when the jury reconvenes.

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by GingerKat Writers

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