Cell Phone Mania

Poem By jim foulk

Cell phones to the right,
Cell phones to the left,
Cell phones, cell phones,
everywhere I look.

Red alert, stop! Listen,
shut up and drive,
shut up and read,
Cell phones, why so many.

Everyone talking,
cell phones in cars,
cell phones in bars,
eating places, cell phones.

There you can't escape
from them, you say
to yourself, the restroom,
no one would dare
use cell phone in there,
oh no, I hear someone,
talking to me, I answer them,
oh, sorry sir, did not know you
were on cell phone.

Oh, so many,
shut up, and walk.

Do away with cell phones,
and it would be like,
the crash of '29'.

People need cell phones,
sometimes their nice,
to have, but so many,
cell phones, might

as well join them
if you can't lick 'em,
join them.

Cell phone, cell phone
now how do I use this
thing, oh cell phone, cell phone,

Hello, Hello, oh that's
you mert.

wrote 1-19-07

Comments about Cell Phone Mania

I would change 'cell' to 'sell' and get rid of it. A very topical write and very well expressed. Love and hugs Ernestine XXX
You hit the nail on the head w/ this piece, especially the shut up and drive!
And like A/C & Cable....How th' hell did we survive our childhood? ...We did, & with much fun to boot! ....Solid Write, Jim... ~ F. j. R. ~

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