Celtic Minded

It's from the Irish famine ships
As the waves beat upon wooden decks,
Our ancestors left old Ireland's shores
To start a new life on the streets of Glasgow.

It's from Brother Walfrid's charity
To feed poor Catholic families,
To create a Celtic identity
To rid the evil hand of poverty.

It's to the Brake Clubs of before
Who travelled many a long road,
Following the bhoys in green,
Believing in Glasgow's Irish team.

It's our culture and our faith
Our proud Irish heritage
That we sing of and rejoice
At Parkhead, supporting the bhoys.

It's our ancient Irish names
The love of a football game,
It was our father's right
To support the green & white.

It was from many a young lad
From Coatbridge to the Garngad,
To fulfill a longtime dream
And wear the hoops of green.

Of the heroes that we learn
For both Celtic and Ireland
As they both fought for the green
Against the British Imperialistic machine.

It's from the songs we learn and sing
To the Celtic cross and Claddagh ring
That we are Scottish born
To Ireland's exiled sons.

It's the love of our team
The bhoys in the hoops of green
For our faith, we proudly stand
And hold in our heart, the harp of Ireland.


by Daniel McDonagh

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