From the vision of Brother Walfrid
From the ancestry of Irish immigrants,
From the leadership of Dan Doyle,
To Jimmy Quinn, the Bhoy from Croy,

From the tales of Patsy Gallagher,
To McGrory, the legendary forward,
From the death of John Thomson
From the trophy of the Empire Exhibition,

To the Coronation Cup in ’53
From the glorious 7-1 victory,
To the return of Jock Stein,
Lisbon was covered in green,

From the boots of Kenny Dalglish,
The record of winning 9 Leagues,
To the name of Dixie Deans
His goals for the emerald green,

From the Double won in’77
Were played Conn & Stanton,
To the 10 man team of ’79
Sampling cider and Buckfast wine,

Protecting the faith at Hampden in ’80
As the riot ruined our victory,
From the emergence of Paul McStay
The ‘Maestro’, the fans would say,

When McNeill returned to cheer
The Double won in our Centenary Year,
From when Judas wore the Hoops,
A shameful, unforgetful, disgrace,

To the left foot of John Collins
Pierre’s winner against Airdrie at Hampden,
From the arrival of Henrik Larsson
To the Double won under Wim Jansen,

From the embarrassment of John Barnes
To Lubo, a football magician to the fans,
From the successful year of the Treble
Coached that season by Martin O’Neill,

From Neil Lennon, a scapegoat for the bigots,
Be proud to be Irish and a Roman Catholic,
From the tears that were shed at Seville
Losing on goals to the League title,

From Chris Sutton to John Hartson
To the leaving of Henrik Larsson,
From winning the Double once more
To last game when Larsson scored,

From the old Celtic cross
To the four leaf clover on our breast,
From the vision of Brother Walfrid,
We’ll support the Celtic until our death.

Feb’24th 2005

by Daniel McDonagh

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