Cemented Fences

Guardians of cemented fences.
And rusted gates.
Defended to protect.
It can not be,
A diminished loss of values.
Left under dust with a sanity.
Gone from its usefulness.
Once to behold and proud to reflect.
A pointlessness is praised.

What is it,
That those who oppress...
Wish it known to impress.
Is it craze.
Or just the taste of it.
Fed to feed,
The craving for it to address.
Or could it be,
An evil and a heartlessness...
Without a soul to have one connected.
And the mission to accomplish,
Is to successfully end the World.
With all that inhabits it
Done to do and leave...
What and/or who,
Left to joyfully express...
An approval of such demonic misdeeds.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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