Poem By Lyndsey Grant

By building invisible barriers
Around my soul
I kept you at bay for so long
The other four letter word
That intoxicated all my reasons
By seasoning
Dabs and dribbles
Of spring smelling freshness
Back into my air
Your stare
Magnetic enough to shut
Me up
And open me up
Cutting into layers
Never exposed
Onion peels that curled at your touch
And wept at our bodies lust
You thrust
Your lies and deceits
At my nail marred feet
Leaving me in my own mind
Looking to the heavens for a sign
To make this pain
That remains
Pouring on my tattered heart
Like drowning rains
Can’t even explain
How empty and used
And what’s worse
You never even took the time
To explain
Just made me feel like I
Was the one
Going insane
Took the best of me
And turned it into nothing
Ashes blowing in
Cremated memories
Bound to bricks
That have been cemented over
Once again
Only this time forever

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