Censorious Ignorance

Intonate a spirited debate,
explore the subtlety of doubt;
compassionately seal one's conjugation,
inspire pairing's deity;
self-survivals issue mute,
its sequella, each by chance deter;
question quandary's quenching quick,
empyreal reality's oddity.

Convoke, thoughts sum in totality,
reveal in this your fears;
coetaneous mindsets mimic those,
all secrecy, please set free;
excitatory, proves that probe,
it profiles everyone sincere;
solipsism, revealed fantasy,
each life, reflecting in soul confrere.

Partisan secrecy, in hide laid bare,
admits its failing bent;
bluster slurries thrive,
behind thin veil, truths foment lament;
taciturnly, on wings of change,
ideal belief, impulsion illuminates;
diabrotic, one's choice of drink,
inscience, engineered ab initio.

Thereunto, the future blind is placed,
upon censorious dais;
nonconscious essence, laced within,
every minds object of desire;
imperatives, those of nature's own,
establish trust in broad ideas;
jeu d'espirit, exemplify these,
opposition, inflates derisory odds.

Absquatulate, this lividity,
living's frisson spiraling enmity;
distensioned life, holds this stress,
future's truth remains unmet;
positioned concept challenged all,
its touch does one enumerate;
propositus, friend by friend employ,
mind, most precious entity.

by Michael Walkerjohn

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