Censorship Can Go Straight To Blazin' Hell!

Poem By Michael Gale

All censors are full of gas...
All censors can kiss my ass.

(ass is not dirty word, but a stubborn animal of burden) ...
Of this fact i am most, most certain.

No cuss words here allowed...
Too many ear muffed ears,
Too many in this poemhunter censoring crowd.

Can't talk for long...
Don't know the words o' the song.

Why must people try to control our words? ...
Why must everyone follow the whole misled unknowing herd?

Lets all go and bury our heads...
All fuckin' cause were brainless in our gutter filled beds.

Let all of you censors go to hell...
For freedom of choice or free speeched tell.

Don't make me yell...
Just go straight to blazin' Hell!

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Ain't it the truth! ........
sweet sweet uncensored sweetness

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