Embellishments were the rage and was craved,
By them.
Their lives depended on their use.
Especially in recreating moments of reality.
And where they were when events took place.
And who did what as they relished being there!
While entertaining the lack of facts,
Dances upon their exaggerating faces.
They would never call what they do lieing!
Or misrepresenting the truth.
No! Not these troupers.
Remnants of reality,
Mixed with sweetened tweaks to flourish...
Is the best way to describe their 'romanticized' lives.
With their actual participation left undebated!
Since anyone listening would not know what to believe!
And those getting the attention,
Loved being centerstage!
This was a behavior encouraged...
By those seeking to be amused!
Why pay for the 'bow' when it can be had for free?

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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