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Central Baptist Meal Prayer

For our meal we sit down to eat
In front of us is our bread and meat,
We clasp our hands to say a prayer
As we thank God for the food that is there.
Every meal that we eat is indeed a blessing
Even if it's only salad with ranch dressing,
The food that we eat will nourish our body
So, we can function well, and not become shoddy.
Through smell, taste, and texture we enjoy our food
A gift God gave us as unto others we are viewed,
Our meals are prepared with strength, joy and love
It truly is indeed a luxury that God gave from above.
Without sounding boastful or ever satirical
Every meal that we receive is indeed a miracle,
So, unto God we will always give him our thanks
Even if our food, is only cornbread and franks.

Randy L. McClave

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