IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)

Centred Experimental Form


The silence of the night profound.
Unbroken by the slightest sound.
Envelopes me.

Serenity envelopes me
From earthly worries I am free
Just for a while.

I can enjoy just for a while
a complete change from my life style.
No need to rush.

I am content no need to rush.
Sit quietly amidst the hush.
I still my mind.

Effortlessly I still my mind
and meditate until I find
my inner core.

When I have reached my inner core
I need not struggle any more.
I am at peace.

I realise I am at peace
when all my errant thought trains cease.
I can just be.

I understand I can just be
if only temporarily.
Then I must go.

An hour or two then I must go
back to the noisy world I know.

Surrendering reluctantly
the only time that I am free
to be just me.

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