Centrifuge (Song Lyrics)

You gave me refuge
From the centrifuge
From forces spinning out
From Vortex city
Winner's title
To the crazy guy
Last hanging on
But doesn't know why
No prize
Bruised and battered
Not beaten
Not yet high and dry

Gave me refuge from confusion
From the forces of the game
From the roll call of illusion
You spoke true fortune's name

Now there's refuge from the subterfuge
Stepping stones across the pain
There's a bridge across the deluge
You have paved the way again

In search of sunlight
To bright the dreary
And weary of the chore
We long for heroes
To lead us onwards
We're frozen to the core
Can courage melt us all
Hearts so tired and sore
No map
Soaked and tattered
Not floundered
Not yet lying at death's door

Flung from plots and promises
From sick energy we'll flee
From the bond it now releases
From this day we'll both be free

by maggie oke

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