Certain Things I Am Learning To Perfect

Can I stop what you 'think'?
Of course not.
I hope I am not showing any intention,
I believe I can do such.
I can be opinionated when asked.
And I am doing my best to leave that activity,
In my past.

I can avoid listening to you,
You will vanish in thin air,
If I put that in my mind.
Lock you out,
Quicker than a lover I had undercovers.

There are certain things I am learning to perfect.
With a mastering of forgiving myself,
BEFORE I experience regret.

For example...
I 'use' to be the kind,
To express 'first' what entered my mind.
Then experience deep regret...
For using the wrong curse words!
Out of context.

I can ignore anyone,
Without feeling any remorse at all.
And understandings someone may have,
To be misunderstood...
I can leave behind as if nothing happened.
As if anything I wished not to exist,
Doesn't for me anymore.

And those who have gotten on my last nerve.
With irritation and repeated annoyance?
Are privileged to get a taste of it!
Keep in mind...
I haven't reached perfection yet.
But I am determined to keep practicing.

Stay right there!
I'll show you how it works.
Pray that I am successful.

Here I go!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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