I was certain that god did exist
Until one day I got this “gift”
It was supposed to take my life
Doctors told me it wouldn’t be long
So naturally I went to god…
Months pasted but, the disease
It stayed…
I wonder why?
And the confusion it cluttered my mind
I had done everything in my life to only please
And now god … he shunned me?
I thought we could go to him for our sins
But, he turned me away with a slick grin
I hadn’t done any worse than anyone else
Yet I was forsaken and my body was eaten
My time was floating by
And my body was about to just die
I knew that I hadn’t very long
So I thought of creating some way of saying goodbye
My goodbye was to be to the world…
I told people of how god… he hated me
And I told people that to be free you have to fight
Late one night I was consumed by death
And god he stood by my bed…
My dear it is time to come home
I looked up and saw his face…
He accepted me because he knew why I lost faith
Said sometimes we have to just let go
Our body is nothing like our soul
All that matters is that we keep our grace
Or else all we do is make others lose face…
God he forgave me when I had thought it to be too late
But, he’s a loving one… and we walked through those pearly gates…
Lesson to be learned is only that our body isn’t everything…
And our minds they will play games
We end up tricking ourselves…
And condemning our souls to hell
So to not end up in that fiery place all we need to do is believe until judgment day…
Although god loves he sends stories from up above…
And those stories they teach but, we have to choose to learn…

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