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Ch. Silmaril's Ted E Bear

Today I posted too Boistrous, Bellicose,
And got home late to see my wife & dogs
I cuddled puppies of Abbey's whelp
Scolded 'Buddy' at the orchard's edge
'Get Home! '
There to see the unspoken worry on wife's face.

What saddens thee my Love, my Beauty?
He's off his food & 'Teddy's' low
The weekend saw him off his food
His recent get by 'Tessa' growing strong
'What's wrong? '
She held the folded parchment thus & handed slow.

Ch. Silmaril's Ted E Bear, shares our hearth
The mass is 15 cm plus & high
Traced from spleen to liver merged
His amylase and liver enzymes 'fly'
'Protein's low? '
Our Teddy's dying and I already miss him so.

Echoed Fabius Targuin and Likely Lad of Yeo
Owing to Thor's Fury proud
Traced by a Man for All Seasons and Douglas Furr
Sired by CH. Golden Sun of Silmaril, a distant Son of Skye
'Fathered Buddy'
Our Ted E Bear, dying and to his ancestor's will he go.

No biopsy needles; No saving diagnosis
To operate, to biopsy only makes
The name of his disease linger longer on our lips.
Likely spleen or pancreas or liver
'Hemangiosarcoma bet'.
Our Ted E Bear is dying, his head is hanging low.

Son of Michelle's first love in 'Bear', HER dog,
I see the quiver on her lips, wet eyes well.
She loves this dog as 'of her line'
And longs the steroids to buy him time.
'It will not last'.
We hug. The parting too soon will be...

Soon to join his father 'Bear' amongst the orchard
Blossoms white will mark his grave and place.
Joining 'Brandy' and too many souls
The canine friends who proudly bore
'Silmaril, from whence I came'
And here we blessed rest, among the promise of rebirth?

So the heat of debate withers beyond our ken
Our Ted E Bear is dying and no tests
Of small consequence would matter
To his coming or his going from this place
'We love you'
And where our tears will fall, small flowers grow?

Richard Stopps

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