Chachi By Gio Masserati

I met Chachi
the night I turned twenty-one
21- a pink variegated silk dress- 21
my fun day birthday
a gift for twenty-one

my night with 'Z' of Hollywood
the first time out in forever
went to Sunset Blvd
Carlos and Charlie's
club met us there

my first time sitting
at a bar or in a pub
other than in Japan
with my parents at the Officer's Club

'Z' ordered me a drink
not sure if it was alcoholic
but little did I know
Chachi had let me have it

Chach saw me in the mirror
I shyly glanced away
oh my 'G's' I can't believe it
Chachi was looking my way

He was older but real young
I was quite a bit younger
all I knew was he was Chachi
and all my tv life I'd known him

we looked back and forth
I was really embarrassed
every time I looked away
he smiled and I felt gregarious

before the doors opened
up above for dancing
he came behind me
stood there at my back
and asked me to join him
in a dance upstairs

I truly was excited
that Chach was asking me
I could hardly beieve it
was this the time and place to be?

the Grand doors opened
inside we all went
waiting for the chance to dance
a princess with a gent

Oh Chachi...
you made my birthday night
until the right song played
I stayed stiff in pure fright

finally, the music played
a perfect song to twirl me
but he said let's wait a little more
a slow one for to whirl me

we danced and talked
and rocked and rocked
slowly turning records
then Chach thanked me for the dance
and invited me to call him

he gave me his number
on a lil' piece of paper
I put it there where it's bare
and hoped it wouldn't vapor

that night my head was racing
the possibilities seemed endless
but then my boss, 'Z' of hollywood
brought me back to the universe

he warned me to be very careful
that Chachi may have wanted
the one thing I had saved in life
for this said, I would be tainted

I wrestled with my hopeful dreams
of riding in his limousine
I wanted this big life I knew
this handsome man could give me

the more I held to my revere
of Chach or Mr.Chachi
my boss scared me by slandering
my Chachi's personal character

that night I left there feeling sad
wanting to reach out and help him
instead I didn't trust myself
so I tore up my only connection

I was afraid to touch a drug
or try so hard to save him
so I made the choice
to destroy the only link
and to save my precious virtue

sometimes I think of Chachi
or Mr. 'tall dark and handsome'
and hope and wish him all the best
because I listened to slander

I always did regret that night
my boss later tried to kiss me
he smoked and smelled of cigarettes
then I realized he had tricked me

the girl in the pink variegated silk dress
sends out her prayers and blessings
into a making amends world
never to believe again
a slanderous spirit

Be free my Chachi
hope you find happiness
in your life
better yet
I pray you have found it!

by Gio Masserati

Comments (1)

I loved the story. This is how a poem should be, connecting with others, involving others and not making them feel alienated. I pray that you would have another Chachi in your life who will be the one who will protect you from the slanderous spirit. :)