SD (November 1,1965 / Mumbai)

I Will Rise Again

i will rise again.
into the state of perpetual zen
from the ashes to the flame.
from just a name,
to the zenith of fame
know this o women,
for me you are no bad omen

in me now i find peace
once it used to be only disease
in the mirror of your purity,
i see my sins, reflected.
in your love, my women
i see in me, the divine resurrected.
if i was the night
you were the light.
if i was chaos,
you were order.
as queer as it is,
in you i fused
in you i forgot the fallacy of oneness

like the chant of a unknown hymn
your word echo in my ears
weighed my love and my bleak future
weighed more, which one i don't know
so unkind, never told me
leaving only your lingering odor.

walked away did you? my women,
to play fiddle to god?
break me, you will not
strangle i will not
in the betrayal knot.
in those lips, my name may die
cuddling the summer sun, , u maybe
playing with morning breeze, u maybe
repent i will never, for loving u
for you made me a man
man enough, to live without u

wait for me my women, at the banks of styx
fear not my women
i will hold your hands
i will look in your eyes
i will raise my head
i will rise in your love

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