Chain Mail

Poem By Flying Lemming

My dear close favourite friend
I have something I have to send
On to you that I just found
Sent to me last time around
It’s a message telling me
That I will upset destiny
And bring great pain and suffering
And lose almost everything
That’s in my life and live always
In deep depression all my days
Love will be lost and fortunes gone
Illness will spread before to long
Until I’m shrivelled and just a shell
Falling deep into my own hell
If I don’t keep the message going
And as I have no way of knowing
If it could really happen to me
I thought I better just agree
Stress and worry this put me through
So now I’m sending it on to you
How much more friendly can you get
Than to pass on a vile nasty threat

Comments about Chain Mail

How much more friendly can you get Than to pass on a vile nasty threat......very impressive words- 10++++
perfect submission FL
A true friend is ready to sacrifice his own life for the sake of his friend.... Congrats on being selected for the day.....
I had a chain mail only once about 30 years ago. It wasn't unpleasant but I didn't know who sent it though I suspected a certain Lady! I still have it somewhere. It is a very interesting subject for a poem and very well written. Is the one who sent it to you still a friend?
I love the plot in this poem. Nice one. And welcome to poemhunters

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