Chain Reaction ' 2' The Prelude

A business man late for work hurries right along
Looking up from his notes he realizes the turn he’s made was wrong
Angered by his actions he begins to dig for his cell
Cursing all the other drivers and damming them as well

A co worker on the other end tells him of a shorter way
He doesn’t usually take this route but on this eventful day
Discussing his notes and speeding along an accountant he begins to worry
The next few moments of his life he can’t recall they all seem blurry

A quick glance at the road accompanied by a swear or two
When I looked up there you were there was nothing I could do
There you stood like a deer in headlights so full of life frozen in place
The memory of you etched in my mind especially the look on your face

Tires screaming in vein as I tried to dodge your little frame
People gathered point and whispered as I knew I was to blame
A mothers cry was all I heard as she kissed your innocent face
Holding you close she screamed at god as the tears rolled down her face

Preying as the paramedics tried to bring you back from the other side
Hearing the awful words as they told your mom you had died
When they loaded you up and the ambulance took you body away
I noticed there on the ground before me a crumpled dollar bill laid

Two weeks later before my court date
I read in the paper how a mother and a boy had met their fate
Now standing before a judge feeling weak and sick inside
As the gavel feel heavy to guilty of negligent homicide

This is a story of how three peoples lives changed forever
In a single Chain Reaction

by Poison 9901

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