'Chain Reaction'

They say that for every action there is a reaction.
I say that for every action there is a chain reaction.

For example take the little boy that’s just found a dollar bill on the ground
Rushing off to the store thinking of only what he’ll buy with the bill he’s just found
Ignoring all his mother has taught him about crossing the street
He does not see the speeding car until it’s too late

Lying in the street his life slowly drifting away
The driver of the car stunned not knowing what to say
People gather round as the young boy’s broken body lies motionless and still
His small hand slowly opens as the gentle wind takes the dollar bill

A mother cries out with the needless loss of a son
Day after day wondering what more could she of done
Slowly the missing piece eats at her driving her insane
She knows of only one way to ease the relentless pain

Staring at the still blood stained street where her son once lay
She asked god for forgiveness and took her life the very next day
What a tragic loss it was as many stood there and cried
They buried her close reuniting them once again lying side by side

Two lives were changed forever in this horrible chain reaction
All for a dollar bill and its simple monetary attraction

by Poison 9901

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