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Chain Restaurant
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Chain Restaurant

Poem By Matt Palmer

An invisible haze distorts the room
It is strange
Welcome strangers, welcome, come in we are bade
We're intruders, unwelcome guests displayed rightly
To countless eyes, unseen, ever-hearing and nightly
Our innards are toyed with, writhing and searing
As our keeper holds us, throws us some eats and she told us
Beware, beware, there's vegetables there
And we're sold, we're sold, by the spell in the air
So we chomp and we chew, worried
And ill
We all glisten with oils, unhealthy, but still
We are helpless, help us we're crying so shrill
We're done for
We infer
If soon we don't flee
So we struggle, grunting, and slowly unhook us
From the chains, we are stained, from the chains
And we are cheerful and wary
All except me I am wounded
Hurt sore right in the gut where pain lingers
Lingers, as angry thoughts are ignored in the rain
The slight and mocking rain
So, we are bruised, so, we are beaten, so we retreat
So we have eaten

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