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Her fears over-run her
She’s screaming for help
These words she writes
Are simply not enough.

Crushed by the past
Her world is moving to fast
She’s lost and alone
And wanting this to pass.

Why can't she move on?
Why can't she just change?
Her eyes are dimming gray
Her smile is beginning to fade.

This roller coaster (ride) is too much
She’s gasping for a breath
She’s holding on for dear life
While she prays for a safe landing.

She hopes for the best
But believes in the worst
She’s tired of waiting around
Enough is enough.

She wants to forgive
She wants to forget
She wants to move on
But something’s holding her back.

Chains wrap her body,
Her soul
Her mind
And her heart.

These chains are too tight
She can't escape
She stands in the dark
Pulling and fighting.

They won’t relent
They won’t ease
She begs with please
As she falls to her knees.

Her world is spinning so fast
She’s losing control.
Where is everyone,
Who said they would never let her go?

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Comments (2)

This poem caused a chill, great stuff.
tears comeing to my eyes its exactly how i feel