CY (3/10/93 / Round Rock Texas)



You have me chained,
Chained here, stuck on the wall, buried…
Buried and suffocating under the pressure,
Under the sorrow under the pain..
Under the madness!

Lost and distraught in my enmity for
Everything I’ve felt recently. Knowing
That I can only grow madder, Losing feeling
For what I once believed and somehow..
Not wishing to change.

I tried. I tried to shield you tried to protect you.
Tried to Save, You! I know you didn’t mean
For this to happen. But because of you,
All I can feel is brokenness…
I feel, Lost, Torn, forgotten, I am withered and
Unkempt, tainted and hollow.

How am I supposed to fix it?
I’ve tried, I stand up and I fight
But you only push us back. Farther back
Back into feeling such as I do now…
Back, into loathing everything..
Loathing myself.

And as I remain here.
No longer feeling anything,
I can only hope for you to be saved,
Because I forgive you.

Clayton J. Young

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Things can become over bearing in life