Chained And Dragged Away

Leave them to lay in the shadows.
To pollute in soot.
As the belching smoke...
From the bellowing choking chimneys,
Keep them locked in a shock that stuns!

What is being incinerated?
No one knows.
But the smell of it is sweet.
It grows...
And knocks people to their feet.

Some are being chained and dragged away.
But to where?
Few are caring.
While others just run...
Escaping as they flee!
But to where?

'Over there!
Hovering in the air?
What gigantic monstrous 'thing' is that?
Huge in dimension...
And taking many up into it!
With a sweeping that does not attack!
What on Earth is that? '

Oh that?
That's the re-indoctrination ship,
That's the smaller one!
See the larger ones above it?
Some depart for Saturn.
The others for Jupiter and Her Moons.
You are going to love Titan!
And adore its vistas,
With such beauty that looms!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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