Chained. Locked. And, Enclosed!

Trapped and saddled with bills to pay!
It seems the life I live...
Is here to stay!
Visions of wealth,
In splendor and good health...
Alludes the dreams I see.
My creditors remind me!

Sapped of strength from the youth I was...
I remember once,
Trying to grow a beard from peach fuzz!
And today I sit with the electricity sky high,
Pinching pennies to pay rent
And letting my taste for steak drift by!

It was just yesterday when I said I had enough!
I wasn't going to worry or complain of simple stuff!
But when the cable company came to disconnect me,
From the 'world'!
I decided I should be thankful,
I'm not out pawning watches, diamonds and pearls!
Like some folks I know...
Who have found they lived to keep images,
And images are hard to let go!

When that is all there is...
And all there is to show!
At least I can still expose my face,
And not be disgraced and grow!
Now I am glad I don't live for 'things'...
Or allow them to keep me controlled!

I may feel trapped and saddled with bills to pay...
But I am not like those,
Who feel they must hide the lives they chose.
And, enclosed!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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