Chained To Feelings.

Poem By emi C.X

Sitting in this familiar place
it does not feel at all that familiar,
Because I am with comfortable company
because at the same time I am not with you,
Thinking in this familiar place
it does not feel the same
when you are not here now
the things around me aren't so beautiful,
all of the sudden
the air I breath is unbearable
my bones I carry feel like brittle,
carrying a bubble of forced pleasures
all I want is our adventures,
something I was used to
is now dull and empty
all clear thoughts, blurry.
I want to tell you things I don't understand,
imagination, that should be completely banned.
You and me, in this cruel dreamland
I want to burst into something beautiful
I want to burst into something surreal.
I want you to hold me
I want to be carefree.

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