Chains are there right from your birth.
You are entangled with a chain in your mother's womb.
That chain connects you to the family chain which associate u from the moment you are born.
Chain is there always nomatter how much we disassociate them.
Chains of bonding, Chains of relationship,
Chains of love, Chains of trust,
Chains of everykind clutches your hand still u say man is free........
Chains help us to live, it helps us to believe in ourself without which you will be a man without emotion.
All the chains you may say will break when we are no more but still u forget the chains which still recollects you even if you are not
Man are in Chains everywhere, still they want slaves forever.
Chains are there in every year which passes through asounding approach of your final..............
Still you commit crime & handcuff yourself in Chain to add a list of sin you have commited in your lifespan.
Leave the false route it will doubly Chain you & follow the sunshine route which always welcomes you......
Remember your gestures will let suffer your future,
so, harm not anyone as no one is FREE IN THIS WORLD.................
i believe in the above poem of mine.
every person is created by almighty&everyone have some speciality.........only time has showered dust if that quality is still unknown.........
love life, live it to the fullest so that when death knocks your door you welcome it with your smile.........

by debleena bhattacharya

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An inspiring poem, thank you for sharing your thoughts.